Keeper of the Stars v10.0-No Such Thing

You have reached Keeper of the Stars, my comics/anime collective. Why you're here is anyone's guess...just kidding. ^^;; Welcome to the no frame layout.
Anyway...I have a few anime sites, although they could all be labeled at least half-dead by now, but most of my sites are for the comics I draw. If you're interested in this layout (I rather like this one, it's spiffy!), you can read my comments and explanations about it in the Etc. section, under "Layout." Have fun, and please sign my guestbook!!

Yugure's page! Yokujitsu's page!

Obligatory disclaimer: All anime/manga on this site belong to their respective owners, my drawings are mine, and this is what happens to flamers. Questions? Comments? Pointless ramblings? Email me!